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April Magazine Madness

April is no joke for the old school Celica owners, why is that? Well we previously posted the Myrides magazine featuring a TA28 , now we just discovered Hypertune magazine which hails from Malaysia too is covering another 1st generation Celica TA22 coupe while the Zoom magazine from Australia is featuring a 1977 Celica RA28 […]

Red Hot Ferrari Celica TA22

Well I’m not really talking about some paint job here, though it is painted red, actually I’m talking about this Celica TA22 that is for sale that I found from down under, Australia through the Internet, this TA22 comes with a wild Ferrari Replica 308 GTS bodymods! Now that’s a Red Hot Ferrari […]

TA28 2T-GEU Read On

This month should be interesting, go to your local bookstore now, MY Rides magazine is again covering a 1st generation Celica, on their 9th edition, read on. You can check more here

My Rides Edisi 9 April 2010

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