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Classic Celica Side’ways’ to go in D1-GP 2010

Remember this sideways celica driven by Hideo Itakura? Here is the latest picture of the RA28 GT Liftback in D1-GP 2010 Round 4 in Okayama.

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This RA28 GT mean business

Source Speedhunters


01 + 03 = Equip Our self

We all love old school rims from the Land of Rising Sun for our classic Celica. Nothing can go wrong with that, especially when it is a deep dish, we’ve seen Roddie’s liftback with equip 01 before here.

Work Equip 01 15×10

Well, we have another 2 owners who recently ‘equip’ their classic Celica […]

Spotted: GT Grill

A friend Was having a stroll in someone’s backyard and found this GT grill lying which I believe came from TA23 Celica. Don’t think this honey comb grill can be saved as most of the centre grill are already gone and replaced by some plastic grill. Wonder what happened to the the car and how […]