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TA28 Raided

We caught up with Saiful who owns a TA28 Celica liftback when one of us was in desperate need for some parts of a classic Celica.

We all know that Saiful has an amazing stock for parts and our frantic search was not disappointing at all as what we were looking for, Saiful has them. We raid most parts from his store!

Big shout out to Saiful for helping us out!

The interior of Saiful's TA28

The interior of Saiful's TA28





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16 comments to TA28 Raided

  • looking for spare parts for my ta28 celica. i need front and rear bumpers, complete rubbur kit around the windows, carpets and sills each side.thank you for your time., allen

  • blackie

    Assalamualaikom bro…

    Dmana kan membali lampu blakang sama gatah cermin dapan n blakang..

    bleh bagitau dmana n harganya?

  • cpol59

    Dear Allen,
    My Spare front n rear bumper has already been taken.The window rubber seals are all available @ custom made my cushions and sills here in Brunei.There is this guy who previously owned a celica and he is amazing at restoring the original seat.

  • cpol59

    Waalaikumsalam bro,
    Lampu blakang msa ni rh ebay ada,gatah cermin dpn n blkng dpt cri d kk,lau abis cri sja rh harganya kurang ku pasti.Aku cek dlu d kampung kalau ada ku spare lampu blakang atu.

  • admin

    Salam blackie
    mau cari lampung coupe atau liftback? kalau liftback cuba contact arah Hj.zam, iya makai lampung banana udah, lampung lama gerenti inda ya makai

  • Wadd

    Everytime I Saw The Owner Drove Pass Me Di Squash Building @ The National Stadium.. I Cant Help But Admire It.. Ragad Banar Kereta Guru Squash Ku Ani hehe

  • bernard

    Hey guys,
    i just myself a ta28 liftback which is dire need of restoration. anyone with any parts, please do contact me 012 2193167. Thanks a mil.

  • Mus

    Hello~ can I ask if u still have a TA28 power steering box? Or someone who has them or TA49 or TT132 power steering box? I really need it urgently to get my car running T.T pls be kind enough to send me an email or SMS to my number if u have or if u don’t have 1 T.T I really need either 1 of those steering boxes ..thank u so much! Here us my number +60128277839 ..thank u so much again!

  • Mus

    Oh I forgot to mention..the TA28 in that u have is amazingly amazing I just dunno how to describe ^^

  • cmx

    i have ta28 rear bumper… good condition… will let got if any1 offer good price

  • giannis

    hi mate, I have a ta28 and want some parts such as back door and others.
    can you help me out?

  • celica89

    salam.. dmana mencari spare part steering wheel sama handle lock pintu utk toyota celica 1989?

  • celica89

    steering rack*

  • celica89

    model celica 1990-1993*

  • giannis, where are you located?

    celica89, we’re not that familiar with 1990-93 model, try the local AmW and masin

  • naga kk

    I need a rear light for ta40! been searching for it for ages and still searching… pls! thank u in advance..

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