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Event:Classic & Modified Car Show in conjunction with renaming of Bandar Seri Begawan (formerly known as Brunei Town) – 14th to 15th Jan 2012 Part II

It has been long overdue, I know so I apologise for that. Wish that more and more car participated especially for the classic car category, the organiser knew how to “organise” things I guess! It was such a shame since the event of the location is in the heart of Bandar Seri Begawan, that is the waterfront. Now onto the pictures..

Will always love RPS13, I think i need to build another one and this time keeping it after seeing this one with full BN sport bodykit and fender..


Nissan S13.4 with S14 zenki front end, or you can go with S14 kouki front end, both still looked awesome and never out of place, nice conversion by the way.

This 350Z with Veilside bodykit looked so menacing but yet beautiful, if it got a more wider rims, it would be perfect for this widebody Z.

It surprised me when this TA23 didnt come out as winner at the classic category, I know I’m a Celica bias, but this Celica deserved it. The period-correct spoiler or should I say TRD style rear spoiler is not some universal adds on, or “rojak” one as the organiser claimed, this “organiser” really knew their things! Wonder what would the organiser say if I put a clear racing jacket plus TransAm kit to my Celica, “bodykit limbang?” :)

This 2 Bimmers looking all classy, a proof of love relation why BMW with BBS rim is a love made in heaven, they just looked right…. right..

White E28 5 series

Black E30 3 series

Honda Civic FD2 with wide body mods

Z32 Fairlady T-bar roof with CE28’s

Almost stock Daihatsu Charmant

Cefiro A31 with a sticker bomb, personally don’t even like it, but that’s the trend nowadays, sticker bombing all the way! Guess I’m not trendy enough, but it’s a cheap way fixing your scratch or broken bumper and lips..

A tale of 2 260z, which ever your preference, here is a very good example, a stock looking or you can go all gung ho! with fender flares, spoiler and front spoiler

Crossed-drilled stopping power behind this CCW rims of the 260z

Wingless widebodied 200sx

So I wrap the event with the winner of the classic category, a Datsun 510 SSS 4-door sedan. The owner also brought along his Celica TA23 GT too. All along, it was nice to see some variety of cars from Classic to Modified from different years. I’m sure more would participate if the organiser didnt do it at the last minute, apart from that the lack of info and promo regarding the event were also a major contributor why not many participated and shied away from participating.

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