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Spotted:KE70 Lover/Louvre

As you all know, KE70 is a 4th generation Corolla and sadly ( I’m biased towards RWD cars 😛 ) was the last RWD production cars of the Corolla, though the Brunei market is healthy with these Corolla batch which you can find a lot on the Brunei road, the body styles are not a lot to choose from, we only get the 4-door sedan, 3-door coupe and the 4-door wagon. This KE70 I spotted is a little bit different than the most common I saw on the road. 

Those louvres for the rear and the quater back windows are mouth watering, been hunting for one for my Celica liftback too. Back in the days, these louvres used to be alot, but it’s now rare and hard to get, unless you source it from outside Brunei which is again, costly! Thumbs up to whoever the owner is of this KE70.

4 comments to Spotted:KE70 Lover/Louvre

  • E9

    Are those new rims? or did the owner refurbish them? I’ve seen a few cars on this website with rims that have the chrome surrounds, so just wondering if they bought new rims or went to a re-chroming specialist somewhere in brunei…

  • E9, not really sure on this KE70, sorry,

    some of us bought it new and some not, but you can refurbish them, some of us even refurbish the rim by ourself, but it’s very time consuming

  • Cool! This is a nice post. My grandfather has a KE70 car. I rode it. It’s very simple car but comfortable. My grandfather always rode it.

  • papadakiss

    nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY WHERE CAN I BUY A RHD DASHBOARD FOR A KE70

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