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Happy Ramadhan

Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims around the globe, the fasting month has just begun, and with that, a few of us went out for the last ‘mengupi’ session before fasting last Sunday on 15th July. Again we decided to meet at the Madang Complex. Guess it’s our favorite spot there. A big thank you to Mr.Bam for the very first time joining us all the way from Lumut, not just that… he and his lovely wife treated us with some foods and drinks, hopefully you guys will not stop treating us in the future…hehehe.


It shows how old school this Celica TA23 is, no EFI here.

Fiberglass  bonnet, made by the locals here. No more worries of rust and it’s lightweight too. Too bad the previous maker of this bonnet no longer makes them. A one-off custom made parts!

 I remember this. Sold the fender flares to the previous owner here

Broken beat and scarred, but that didn’t stop Mr.Saiful to join the pack. He whispered to me, there is a reason why most of his front parts are missing, lucky you Sir!

Free stuff!! Who doesn’t like them? The beauty of this small bunch of classic Celica enthusiast in Brunei. Seems that every meet someone will get luck, and this time around it’s no different.

So once again, Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims around the world.


4 comments to Happy Ramadhan

  • Bam

    Hehe,tq for the lovely post.. Lol. Tq to bro saiful for the free gift,jgn jara2. Anyway thanks guys for inviting me. Lastly nice to know u guys. Peace out ;))

  • mohd

    Im so sorry I cant join you guys for coffee. I was in a hurry to a family function. Bam, you shud join us again soon. So much to talk about celica liftback…..hehe.

  • Assalam Bro,anyone selling celica here bro? .. let me know if ada bro …

  • Bam

    Hehe,adui cemana bleh tau i love liftback! Aha. Insyallah will join u guys again nxt tym.. Just text me up.. No worries 😉

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